Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me and Fred

Okay, so our big plan a year and a half ago was to move here to the prairie and make all our dreams come true by buying a hunk of land and growing lots of our own food and animals. I named this blog in anticipation of the day when it would be full of pictures and descriptions of life in the country with a young family. Sweeping prairie vistas with cute toddlers in the foreground, etc.

Well, the right country property has been very elusive for us, and so here were are still renting our little duplex.

However! I have friends who live in the country so I can still put nifty pictures of rural living on my blog on occasion. It makes me feel satisfied on one hand to see my blog be more what I originally envisioned it to be, and on the other hand it makes me feel a little bit like a wanna-be. Until I consider the animal droppings my Rabbit somehow gets into her mouth when we visit the country. Then I think that perhaps we're where we need to be right now.

But back to Fred.

Fred blew into my friend Shannon's life after the last big storm. A man came to her door and said they'd found this peacock in their yard after the storm and couldn't find who he belonged to. The man couldn't care for Fred, so he drove around looking for a residence that had chickens. He found Shannon, who said "We'll just throw him in the with chickens and see what happens." It was a successful throw. He seems very content and he's very gentle and holdable.

He's a pied peacock, which means he's half white and half irridescent. Love, love, LOVE that vibrant blue color on his neck!

Fred, you're gorgeous. And you certainly found yourself the perfect country home.

Maybe I'll get lucky like Fred and find the perfect country home one of these days. If I do, I'm going to get me a Fred.
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scraps said...

that's one beautiful peacock.

Annalea said...

You and me both, Birrd. Nine years after we set out to claim a chunk and build, we're back to square one . . . but with more mouths to feed. ;o) God works in mysterious ways, eh?

I love Fred. He's beautiful! I do hope that his owners eventually find him, as he looks like he was well cared for and loved before the storm blew him out of his roost.

Dr. Croc said...

Fred is extremely keen! I love the pictures.