Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Beautiful for Birthday Cake

Every element of my birthday cake turned out perfect. Perfect!

Look at these two lovely golden cakes!

I got the whole thing put together and then said "I'm going to hurry and get the camera and take a picture of this perfect cake before something happens." I ran down and got the camera, came back up, and there were already finger marks in the cake! I had to laugh.

Four lovely, luscious layers cemented with gooey, tangy custard and topped with whipped cream mixed with cream cheese.

Marvelous!!!! What a birthday!
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Annalea said...

Happiest of Happy Returns, my fine feathered friend! Here's to a wonderful set of 30-somethings for you. :o)

janeannechovy said...

Happy Birthday! And I love that you made my cake concoction. I hope you loved it as much as we did! I'm making another tomorrow for the winner of the preschool auction item of a dessert every month for a year.

scraps said...

looks delicious!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, it looks and sounds delicious! I want a slice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Melissa :)