Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Evening at the Lake

We took dinner to the lake yesterday evening. It was a spontaneous decision, made after the Badger's on-call shift ended and we knew he would be home all evening. That's how it is in this line of work-- you can't plan ahead, but when you suddenly find yourself with an evening off you seize it. We took what we could find to eat in our cupboards and we went.

Yesterday evening was a good one to seize. We were lucky. The lake was idyllic in the cool May sunshine.

The Badger grilled delicious burgers as a high layer of friendly clouds moved over.

As the evening wore on and the Badger fried potatoes, the clouds turned the lake to silver.

We finished off with s'mores and a subtle, shining sunset.

P.S. For our s'mores the only chocolate in the house was some bars of Lindt left over from Christmas (they had been put in the freezer and I forgot they were there else they never would have made it this long.) Toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and Lindt chocolate make a lovely combination.
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The Hills said...

How wonderful! Those are some great pictures and it looks absolutely divine.

Terresa said...

what a beautiful lake. At first, the top picture looks almost like it's from Google images...then I realized they were **real** pictures, in fact, of you family. Looks like you live in the Garden of Eden. And it must be, you had Lindt chocolate and your family gathered all around. ;)

Sox said...

Gourmet smores. Who new such a thing was even possible?