Monday, May 4, 2009

A Mushroom Experiment

The other evening the Rabbit was being very vocal in her high chair as I was making dinner, which is a pretty typical scenario around here. I ran out of the little bits of this and that I give her to keep her happy so I was looking around for something to toss her way. I was making a big green salad, so I decided to try giving her a slice of mushroom. The Badger loves mushrooms. I'm not too crazy about them, but they're okay. I was interested to see which one of us she would take after.

She looked at it.

She chewed on it a bit.

She found it very curious and unusual. (Well, yeah, it's a fungus!)

In the end she decided it wasn't a favorite.

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scraps said...

It isn't my favorite, either. Cute pictures.

Sox said...

B.A.R. HATES mushrooms. Unfortunately for me, my kids don't like them either. So I don't get to make dishes that use mushrooms at all. I do sneak some for my own salad now and then.