Friday, May 30, 2008

Happiness Is...

Twenty pounds of fresh-picked strawberries.

Not the kind you buy in the store. Those are fake strawberries. They're actually made of balsa wood, with a small amount of sour strawberry flavor added. I'm talking about the kind you pick ripe yourself in a real strawberry field, the kind that turn to mush if you don't eat them, jam them, or freeze them by midnight because the fairy godmother spell of absolutely unreal sweet juicy strawberry flavor is too good to last longer than that.

Look at them! Aren't they beautiful?

Look at them again! On my kitchen counter! They're so beautiful!

Get them wet and they're even more beautiful! Look!

And look at them washed and hulled! Imagine those gorgeous little babies just melting into strawberry sugar in your mouth.

I think I've got to be just about the happiest person in the world right now.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to make jam...I never have but I want to this year.