Friday, May 30, 2008

The Obvious Choice

So what do you do with twenty pounds of strawberries? Especially when they all have to be put up by the end of the day?

I plan on making at least two batches of jam because I love making jam. It's fun. I also love eating homemade jam. It's tasty. But my little Rabbit wouldn't let me make jam today. She's fussy. So I put most of the berries in the freezer to await the day when my Rabbit's colicky days are behind us and she lets me have my life back. I'm optimistic.

I still had eight or ten cups of berries left, and we were having company for dinner. My mind was dizzy with possibilities. Fresh strawberry pie... Baked strawberry pie, maybe with rhubarb... Strawberry muffins... Homemade strawberry ice cream... But my body was dizzy with exhaustion after all that berry picking. So I took a nap. Then I made the obvious choice:

Strawberry shortcake!

It was pretty popular.

Bean ate three bowls. His cute friend Lisl doesn't like strawberries so she just ate whipped cream and cake.

That just meant there was more for the rest of us!

What would YOU do with twenty pounds of strawberries?

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Emily said...

Eat them!! "Eating all the strawberries he can see...."

I would probably freeze the rest. Dave would use them in smoothies.

Birrd said...

Hmmm.... I'm going to have to act fast and get those berries into jam if I don't want the Badger turning them into smoothies!

Annalea said...

I'd eat as many fresh as I could, and then slice & freeze the rest for smoothies and strawberry pie. (I love making frozen berry pies . . . )