Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Wonderful Old Classic

I finally got a digital copy of this fantastic picture.

This adorable tot is my own Badger, circa 1977, on the kitchen table. What a cutie! This photo is famous in his family because he was the one of the kids known for dancing on the table. I don't really understand this, since ALL of my kids have danced on the table. What were his brothers and sisters doing? Playing sedately on the floor, or maybe obediently helping fold laundry? (I just heard you laugh, Afton!) Or is there a table dancing gene that my children have inherited from their father?

Do YOUR kids dance on the table? I want to know!

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Annalea said...

No, my kids don't dance on the table . . . probably because my "laid back mommy quota" was exhausted when they tried it. ;o) That, and we have a pedestal table, so if they got up on one of the ends, it would tip over and probably crush some part of them when it landed. Hence, I've carefully nixed it.

Ah, the confessions of motherhood. lol

The Hills said...

Jenna has tried it a few times and every time she screams for help to get down because she is afraid of heights. Tyler never tried it, thank goodness and Curtis is just too young.

Emily and Tom said...

We like to turn up the music and dance at least a few times a week. My children LOVE to dance on the table. They usually go for the coffee table (not as far down when you fall, which happens often). Dancing on tables is great fun!