Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And Presents!

Happy Birthday to me!

The Badger took the boys over to Target and had them pick out kitchen gadgets for me, so I got:

A clever jar opener from Bean and...

a highly useful avocado slicer from Fish.

Then there was the present from my Badger. There were three of them. The first one I opened was the "Settlers of Catan" seafarers expansion pack.

Then I knew what was in the other two!

We've been having fun playing Settlers of Catan. Bean is just crazy about it, which we're glad about because it's totally awesome for his mental development, and it's fun to play games together as a family.

Glenda gave me a beautiful little blue and white china pitcher and Charlotte gave me a bag of dark chocolate Lindor truffles.

What a birthday!
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Anonymous said...

First I had no idea there was such a thing as an avocado their use of Christmas paper...keeping in theme with your Elvis stocking on the mantle :)