Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Christmas Morning

Last night after the kids went to bed I got out all the presents hidden in the garage and various closets and stacked them under the tree. (We can't leave them under the tree all through the month because the kids wouldn't leave them alone, so they don't appear until Christmas morning.) I was shocked at the enormous size of the pile. How did we get so many presents? This is totally out of hand! But then I thought about what was in them: things like clothes and homeschool stuff I'd bought on clearance and at garage sales for the last six months that I could have just given to the kids but decided to save for Christmas so they could have the fun of unwrapping them. Most of it was simple and inexpensive. Even the kids' main presents cost no more than $30 each. Therefore this huge pile does not represent an obscene amount of money spent. And we sure had a lot of fun with it.

Here's the boys opening their stockings:

And here's a great shot of a seven-year-old experiencing intense Christmas morning happiness:

And here's a great shot of a 33-year-old experiencing intense Christmas morning happiness:

Okay, so the Badger's present was neither simple nor cheap. It's a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS and he's so excited. He needs this because of the nature of his job, but he had NO idea I was buying it for him. It is very difficult to surprise the Badger like this and I feel very gleeful that I actually pulled it off.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're all experiencing both glee and gratitude this morning.
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Annalea said...

How fun! Isn't it great when you can successfully surprise your husband? I managed it this year with Vern . . . except I did so well that his gift wasn't here before Christmas. ;o) So it's going to be his birthday present.

The nice surprise this year for me, though, was that Vern actually managed to surprise me! (His track record ain't so great.) Fun, fun, fun. And I've got to actually blog this Christmas. I've been a bad blogger this December . . .