Friday, December 26, 2008

Art Lesson: the Still Life

One of our favorite presents was an art set from Cousin Mimi. It was about the first thing the kids begged me to let them into on Christmas morning.

It contained oil pastels. "What are these?" they asked.

I used to love oil pastels when I was young. Picking them up again made me feel artsy. So I gave the kids a lesson in drawing still lifes.

Roo really got into it:

So did Fish:

The Rabbit also took to it quite readily:

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Annalea said...

What a beautiful still life the Rabbit drew! I'm impressed. ;o)

Have you had some kind of artsy educatory experience, then? We got MissE an art set for Christmas, and while she has had a lot of fun with the nice watercolors, I'm not all that sure what to do with some of the things in it. (Like the sandpaper . . . does it have something to do with the colored pencils?)