Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Magic

I'm terribly sorry, everyone, I've been spending my computer time lately shopping online for Christmas presents and so I haven't had time for my blog. But I am now done shopping online, so perhaps you will now see more of me. I would love to tell you more about the Christmas season at the Birrd's nest.

We're having a great December. Kids really make Christmas time magical.

I've been pondering why this is and here's what I think. Of all aspects of the Gospel, the birth of Christ as a tiny baby is one they can really understand. They know how wonderful babies are from firsthand experience and so they get very excited about Jesus as a little baby. This does two things for adults: it causes us to see afresh the absolute wonder of Christ's birth and it gives us the joy of seeing Christ born again in the hearts of our children. This for me has translated into a feeling of peace and jubilance curiously surrounding my home despite the stresses and messes of my daily existence.

And that is magical.

My smartest purchase this year was a Fisher Price Little People nativity set. I'd been thinking about getting a nativity that the kids could actually handle but I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I thought maybe I'd wait until next year. Then one day I saw Fish looking longingly at my porcelain nativity and I heard him say "I wish I could hold Baby Jesus." And so I decided I needed one now. I chose the toddler-friendly Fisher Price one because I knew the Rabbit would be chewing on it. It's perfect. They ALL play with it. And they treat Baby Jesus differently than the other figures. They fight over who gets to hold Him, the irony of which makes me giggle. But they want to make sure He's warm and safe. And the look in their eyes as they're holding him so carefully brings that rich, full feeling to my heart that I never knew until I experienced Christmas with children.

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The Hills said...

Some day I'll get that nativity set too. I looked at it last year and again this year and it would be perfect, but I am done spending. Sometimes I hate having a tight budget.