Monday, December 1, 2008

A Big Dinner in Small Quarters

The Location: Uncle Loon and Auntie Owl's 800-square-foot duplex in Las Cruces, New Mexico...

The Attendees:

Blue Grandma and Blue Grandpa
Uncle Horrible Beast
The Mythical Cousins (son and daughter of Uncle Horrible Beast)
Uncle Loon and Auntie Owl
Baby Beacon (daughter of Uncle Loon and Auntie Owl)

In other words, lots of people in tight quarters....

I was terrified that my children would break something. Luckily, they didn't. Uncle Loon kept the boys entertained with information about cacti and the Mythical Cousins were enchanted with Roo and the Rabbit.

All the pictures of the actual dinner are on Uncle Loon's camera. Hopefully he will share them soon. It was good eating. My cranberry orange cheesecake was only one of many culinary delights.

I hope all of you had as marvelous of a Thanksgiving feast as I did.
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Dr. Croc said...

The teenage Mythical Creatures on the couch look so BIG! And their hair (both boy and girl) is getting long. I didn't know that the elder one was fond of kids, it's nice to see him interacting with Roo.