Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How All of My Kids Learned to Walk

When Bean was a baby a friend lent me this useful thingie, which I will call George, and told me that Bean would learn to walk by pushing it around. Well, he did. And so did Fish. And Roo. Now Rabbit is having fun with George. I have no idea how close she is to actually walking-- none of the others walked until 15 months. Knowing her, I think she'd like to one-up them all. I did hear her reciting multiplication tables in her sleep last night. At least I think I did-- maybe it was one of those weird dreams you have when you eat more than a dozen sugar cookies in one day.

Anyway, this is actually George the Third-- we keep borrowing them and returning them or buying them at yard sales and then leaving them behind when we move. As long as I keep having babies I will definitely keep having a George around. And as long as I keep eating too many sugar cookies in a day I will keep having babies because nursing is the only weight loss plan that has ever worked for me. So be nice to George, Rabbit, he's got to last us awhile.

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