Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant, EVER!

Tonight we acted out the Nativity story in our living room.

After I orchestrated a nativity re-enactment in Primary a couple of weeks ago I realized how easy it is to improvise costumes from things like pillowcases and curtains.

Pillowcase, curtain-- voila! Mary!

Pillowcase, fabric remnant, ugly tie, funky scarf-- voila! shepherd!

Erm... shepherd, take two:

Here's the whole group. Bean is Joseph who would not keep his robe on. Cousin K is the angel in a cut of 6 yards of muslin that she cleverly formed into her own haute couture. Cousin S is another shepherd in the most delicious green bathrobe. Cabbage Patch Toby is Baby Jesus wrapped in my Hug A Bub carrier for swaddling clothes. We just read Luke 2 so we didn't figure we needed wise men.

You need to enlarge this photo-- the subtleties of the facial expressions are hilarious.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Beverly said...

i was strolling through some blogs when i came upon your pics.
i have to agree - it looks like you do have the best pageant ever! how cute are they?

merry christmas

Annalea said...

That. is. awesome.

I've got to get over my bad memories of pageants and let my kids do one next year . . .

scraps said...

Your right, I love the expressions on their faces, good job! Great time by all, thanks!