Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hectic Homeschool

This last week was crazy. The Rabbit decided her new bedtime was 1 am. I spent the week in a fog of sleep deprivation. We did finally get the Rabbit's issues ironed out and I'm all better now, so this coming week should be back to business.

We didn't follow our schedule at all this week, but we at least got almost all our lessons in. They might have been simpler than usual, but that's okay.

Monday went fine, Math as usual.

Tuesday we read some more books from the library about the western states. Nothing fancy, but the boys enjoyed it.

Wednesday Bean had a good piano lesson. The chart I made for him has worked really well for him. I'll have to show it to you sometime. We're finally past the Speedboat Song.

Thursday morning instead of doing reading I sat down with the kids and made a timeline of the history of our family from about 1975 until now. Both the boys were really interested. They wanted to see when all of their cousins were born. I got this idea from my brother, who is a math professor. I was talking to him recently about math education for my children and he told me that number lines and timelines were extremely important and to use them at every opportunity. I can see what he means. Our timeline really helped the kids start to understand the sequence of events in their lives for the first time.

We did do a little bit of reading Thursday evening, now that I think about it.

Friday was the day that fell completely apart. It was raining heavily and there was flooding on local roads in addition to the lake in our backyard. The Badger and I spent a lot of time calling people in our church congregation to find out who had water in their basement and who needed help. The whole day was just crazy and though I meant to find some time to at least help Bean work on his nine-patch it just didn't happen.

I'm just grateful for the verstatility that homeschooling gives me!

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