Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fish's Show

The other day Fish told me to come watch a show. I sat on the couch and he stood behind a dresser that's temporarily hanging out in our living room and held up a series of pictures. I was totally surprised by the pictures because I had not been aware of him drawing them. They were a series of scenes from Wallace and Grommit's A Grand Day Out, held up in chronological order. I thought they were so fantastic I wanted to show them to you. There were quite a few, but these four were my favorites.

Here Wallace and Grommit are going down the stairs to the basement to board their rocket. Wallace is carrying several boxes of crackers.

Here are Wallace and Grommit after safely landing their rocket on the moon. They are having a picnic, eating the cheese that the moon is made out of. I thought Fish did a particularly good job of drawing Wallace's face.

Here is the strange machine thing trying to hold onto their rocket as they are leaving. As you may recall if you've seen the movie, he wants to go back to Earth with them so he can go skiing.

And finally, the rocket takes off for Earth, with the machine thing skiing the hills of the moon in the background, using pieces of metal he pulled off the rocket for his skis.

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Lesli in Minnesota said...

I love that your kids love W&G, and am especially tickled to see Fish's drawings. On the smallest chance that you haven't seen them, I must make sure y'all are aware of Wallace & Gromit's Crackin' Contraptions series. You can watch them on, or in fan-produced clips at YouTube. Such fun!!

Annalea said...

What tremendous drawings! I hope Badger's mom & dad get to see this post. They'd love it. :o)

Abby said...

We love Wallace and Gromit. Alice started it and we've been watching them for the last 10 years.

Fish did a wonderful job with Wallace's head. Great!

Next he'll have to do a close shave reproduction.:)