Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Denver Omelette

I've gotten pretty good at cooking over the years, but I still cannot make a decent omelette. The Badger, on the other hand, is a master omelette maker. He used to make me omelettes when we were engaged as a gesture of devotion. Then shortly after we were married I started getting horrible stomach aches whenever I ate eggs. So he shelved his omelette-making skills and I honestly forgot about them for many years.

Recently, my stomach's aversion to eggs disappeared as mysteriously as it began. And then we remembered about omelettes. So lately the Badger has been making various kinds of omelettes. His favorite is the Denver variety, so this morning the Badger made an authentic Denver omelette for us to share.

Bean's opinion of the omelette was as follows: "You call this an omelette? It's way better than an omelette!" It was pretty amazing.

P.S. The longer you look at the word "omelette" the funnier it looks. It's starting to make me giggle. If I don't stop proofreading this post and publish it, I will be cackling with laughter very soon. Omelette! Hee hee! (Does this ever happen to you?)


Lesli in Minnesota said...

Loving the omelette thing, but had to remark on the words-that-make-you-laugh comment. This happened to me years ago with the word "napkin". I was setting the table or something, but it was so profoundly hilarious at the time that I *still* get a silly grin when I remember it. Napkin! Omelette! Jacuzzi!

Birrd said...

I knew you would understand, Lesli!