Monday, August 25, 2008

You Bought WHAT, Honey?

Do you ever make your husband haul your purchases in from the car? Like when you go to the mall and buy 5 new outfits, complete with shoes and handbags, and then make him carry in all the cute little boutique bags for you? Or like when you buy a five-gallon pail of molasses?

I really like molasses and I hate buying it in the expensive and small bottles at the grocery store. I thought there had to be a way to get it cheaper if I bought it in bulk. I asked at Sam's Club and they looked at me like I had three heads. "Molasses? No, we don't carry that, Ma'am." Am I weird to like molasses? It's a great source of iron and I've been slightly anemic since the end of my last pregnancy.

Amazon Grocery sells molasses, so I can't be that weird.

Glenda has a friend that owns a health food store and can order stuff from food wholesalers. She asked him and it turned out his wholesaler sells bulk molasses-- in five gallon pails! Of course this was a better deal than even Amazon, but FIVE gallons?

What the heck! Why not buy five gallons of molasses? The stuff keeps forever.

So I did.

But now I could really use your help. I love molasses cookies. I love gingerbread. I love love LOVE Glenda's recipe for North Dakota Farm Bread which has molasses in it (more on this later). But I've got FIVE GALLONS, man. I need some more ideas! What do YOU like to make with molasses? Post me a comment, with or without a recipe. We're going to have a big molasses baking spree here at the Birrd's nest.
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Anonymous said...

I recently made barbecue sauce that had molasses in it. It was really good sauce (I think Carolina-style), though next time I will use less cayenne pepper. It was in Cook's Illustrated, and I can e-mail you the recipe if you like. Perfect for pulled pork.

Birrd said...

Mmmmmm... I've been thinking about pulled pork.... I'd love that recipe! Thanks!

Annalea said...

My kids love it straight off of a spoon. So do I. (It's full of great B vitamins, btw.)




Candy (I'm SURE there's a recipe out there somewhere.)

And, finally, Google-fu to the rescue:

Molasses Recipes

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Ok give it much does a 5lb pail of molasses cost anyway??? Maybe you can do double duty with it I am sure there are uses for it as a beauty product...facial or hair maybe??

Birrd said...

I paid less than $40 for the whole bucket. That's just under a dollar a pint.