Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday at church my friend Naomi (squeezo Naomi) gave me a gallon ziplock full of pickling cukes "so you can make pickles."

I didn't tell her I had no idea how to make pickles and it sounded kind of scary and overwhelming after that whole peach incident, I just smiled and thanked her. Then I went home and called my mom.

She said to get out the family cookbook because there was a pickle recipe in there from my great-grandmother. (Cool!) And it was really easy.

Oh good. I like really easy!

The cukes were already pretty clean and I had lots of sterilized jars left over from the peach fiasco, so that part went fast.

Here's my packed jars and my vinegar solution boiling:

Here's the finished pickles:

Easy Easy Easy! Hooray!

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Linda said...

Your great-grandmother Nielsen would be very proud of you.

Did you know she made pickles in a big barrel that she kept in a shed outside her house. When we would visit, she'd take us out to the shed, open the barrel, and give each of us one of her big, salty-sour pickles.

Love, MOM

Dr. Croc said...

Cool! How do they taste?

Birrd said...

Mom says they need to cure for at least six weeks, so I have no idea! I hope they're good. Emily says she loves Great-Grandma's pickle recipe. I hope I do too!