Thursday, August 14, 2008

When Grandma Goes to the Toystore

The Badger's mother told me awhile ago that she intended to send the boys something for their birthdays. We talked about various educational products and I gave her some ideas. She was thinking maybe she'd get them some additional Lincoln Logs.

A few days ago she called me and said that she had just been to the toy store. "I haven't been in a toy store in years," she confided.

I was curious to find out what she had found.

"I found the craziest thing," she told me. "I think they're so funny."

As she described them to me, she sounded just like a little kid herself.

She was so excited to buy them and send them to my boys.

So what catches Grandma's eye when she goes inside a toy store for the first time this century?

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The Hills said...

How fun! I think I like Rabbit in it the best!

jbstanford said...

I want one of those..... :-D