Sunday, August 24, 2008

Orange Yogurt Cake

The other day I bought 2 lbs of fresh blueberries at Sam's Club. My family dove in and started eating them like popcorn.

Then Farmgirl Susan posted a recipe on her blog for Orange Yogurt Cake and said it was the perfect accompaniment for fresh blueberries. Well, I had fresh blueberries, and I also had yogurt and oranges. And butter. And flour. And sugar. Etc.

The batter was the most delicious-smelling, creamy-looking stuff I've ever had in my KitchenAid bowl.

The cake was beautiful.

But by the time I finished it, all the blueberries were mysteriously gone. So we ate it plain. It was marvelous. I will definitely be making it again. I would like to try it with blueberries.

(Click here for the recipe.)

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