Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?

One of the peculiar things about being married to a pilot is sometimes having absolutely no idea what state my husband is in, let alone what city he is flying to. Especially since he started flying Air Ambulance, he often does not even have the time to communicate with me where he is going and when he'll be home before he leaves. I'm used to it. He leaves suddenly, he comes home suddenly. All in all, though, he is home most of the time, and we love that.

Recently he showed me a website which gives me most of the information that he doesn't have time to tell me. As long as he has filed an IFR flight plan, FlightAware.com will show me where he's going, when he left, and pretty near exactly where he is at any given moment. I can finally actually plan for approximately when he is going to come home.

This has been fun for me. I will take the kids to the library and when I come home, I'll see his car gone. So I'll pull up this website, type in his tail number, and see that he's halfway to Oklahoma City.

He has traveled far and wide for someone in such a small plane: from Denver to St. Louis, from Rochester to Galveston, and everywhere in between. He often lands at small airports in the middle of nowhere and picks up patients that need medical care in a large city hospital, so he sees not only the big cities but the small towns as well. He really gets around.

And it's so nice to know where he is!


Annalea said...

What a fun, fun thing! And useful, too. It would drive me kinda crazy to not know when Vern would be home, or when he'd be gone. Although, maybe I'm just a little tense about when he gets off work because he's at work more than he's home (at least during waking hours).

Btw, we've been doing one homeschooly thing each day, and it has worked out really well so far. Blogging (reading, writing, language arts) on Monday, Play Dough (chemistry, physics, math, art) on Tuesday. I wonder what Wednesday will bring . . .

Meechelee said...

Cool website and now you can keep track of your man, haha! SO does he like this job a lot? Do you think you guys will stay put on the prairie? It still blows my mind that you are there. I think it's so cool.