Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Potato

The other day when I was working in the garden, weeding the potato bed, I accidentally bumped one of my potato plants and this little guy broke off.

There was just something about this cute little potato, in perfect potato shape only itty bitty, that I took a fancy to. Maybe it was because he fit so nicely in my hand.

I kept him for a few days, trying to decide the best thing to do with him. His small size and the fact that there was only one of him made it a bit of a quandary. I thought it would be cute to bake him and serve him to Roo with a tiny pat of butter. I might have done that except when I opened the bag of potatoes in my pantry to find some other good bakers for the rest of us I discovered the whole bag had gone soft and sprouty. So they all ended up in a big mash, including the little guy. They were delicious.

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