Monday, April 13, 2009

Soft and Sweet

My young cousin took these photos of the girls during our Easter revels. They turned out a little fuzzy but so, so sweet.

I somehow didn't have my camera running during Egg Hunt 2009 and Easter Dinner 2009 but several cousins did, so as soon as they get pictures posted on facebook I'll blog 'em. We had a great time. Now I'm going through massive sugar withdrawal. (I'm going off sugar again until my birthday. I handled it in moderation for a couple of weeks and then started back into my old binge behaviors, so this is the only way I can get myself under control.)
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Dr. Croc said...

WHAT, no CAMERA during the EGG hunt??
I feel deprived.

Birrd said...

We were at Glenda's and I forgot it. Five people had cameras so I thought I was good. Just need them to put their stuff on facebook.

scraps said...

Still waiting myself for them. But I will put the ones I have for ya.