Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Good Show

With a little bit of pillow-rearranging, we had a terrific and comfortable view of a very dramatic lightning storm yesterday evening.

Wild storms recharge my ch'i. I think we all have something in nature like that, that makes us feel replenished. For the Badger, it's the ocean. For me as a child, it was thunderstorms. I remember the summer we moved to Utah from Minnesota. I was fifteen and very unhappy. I remember just aching for a good prairie summer thunderstorm. From my vantage point on the east bench of Salt Lake City I would watch with excitement as the clouds built up on the west side of the valley, but then I was always let down as all we got was a spatter of rain and a few small flickers of lightning. Oh, I felt so hungry! Eventually after more than twelve years out west I learned to get the same recharge from the mountains and then later the ocean. When we left Oregon last year I thought "How can we move away from all this?" I had forgotten the thunderstorms. I had forgotten how alive they make me feel. They were my first soul food and they taste so good again, after all these years.

Especially when I can watch them from my own comfortable bed, curled up with my snuggly kids.

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scraps said...

Roo, doesn't seem to be enjoying it like you? Or is she laughing?

Mostly Diane said...

Hi there. I found your blog. I love thunderstorms very much too. I have thought that I will miss the storms and the rainy days a lot after we move. I liked the ones in Long Island the best, though. I loved when it would be hot and sticky all day and by 7 pm we would get an incredible thunderstorm.

Birrd said...

Scraps, Roo is making a camera face for the Badger, a sort of squinty smile. She was enjoying it.

scraps said...

Good, I am glad Roo enjoyed the storm, it was pretty noisy!

Marilyn said...

You need to move to south Florida. I grew up in the lightning strike capitol of the world. We used to do this same thing as kids, dim the lights and watch the electric storms. It's definitely a pretty awesome thing.