Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Singing Baby

This afternoon as I was washing dishes I heard a little voice behind me singing "ah ah ah ah" to the tune of "I am a Child of God." I wasn't surprised at first because Roo sings this song all the time, but then suddenly I realized something: Roo was in the other room and it was Rabbit that was singing. Dead on pitch!

I thought maybe it was a fluke and I was imagining things-- I've never heard a 13-month-old carry a tune before-- but then she did it again this evening as she was sitting in her high chair.

So I have a little Singing Rabbit. I am so delighted. She isn't even walking yet and she can only say 2 or 3 words, but she sings!
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Brittany Ann said...

Aw! That's adorable. My almost-three-year old is just starting to be interested in singing. I think it's awesome that your baby is musically inclined!

scraps said...

It's true, she does. There were 7 of us who heard Rabbit sing and she does a great ah,ah,ah sound! Too cute!

Annalea said...

That's so awesome, Birrd! My LilMissL sings all the time, but she's 3. (I have to remind myself to not shush her sometimes . . . it's near-constant! lol)

Marilyn said...

My mother tells the story that our family visited temple square at Christmas time the year I was 1, and when I saw the temple I started singing "I love to see the temple" dead on pitch. She was surprised, because I was so small, but I had learned every word by listening to her singing me to sleep. So, look out! Rabbit may be a budding opera singer.