Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Haircut

We did haircuts at our house this morning. In addition to the boys, Roo got her hair cut for the first time in her entire 38-month life. She didn't really need it, but I thought perhaps if I started trimming her hair it might grow faster.

I don't know if you can even tell. I trimmed a few tiny wisps off her bangs and then snipped some fuzzy flyaways off her neck to give her a little bob.

I think it suits her. She has a good face for a bob.

Though it would also be fun to have a daughter with long, curly hair. The Badger and I both experienced some emotional pangs as we saw the delicate little curls from her neck on the bathroom floor. So, here's for the baby book:

But at the rate Roo's hair grows she would have a full head of magnificent curls at age 75.
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Linda said...

Roo, you are adorable with your new haircut! You were adorable before, too. Love you lots!

Melissa said...

Aw, that's always such a bittersweet milestone! She is beautiful!

Melissa :)

PS- I like your new header. Very cool! :)