Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Cracking Good Recipe

One of the best improvements to my life that has come through the advent of the blogosphere is the wealth of recipes I get from food blogs. I love food blogs. It's such a scream seeing what people have made as well as how they made it, especially the people who do the blow-by-blow photographs of the process. It makes cooking seem so much less daunting. I also love to post about what I make, when I can. This isn't the season of my life for me to have very many moments to be snapping pictures while I'm cooking or typing up recipes afterwards. (I have a lot more fun things to do chasing my four Fun Things around.) I actually rarely have time to even read other people's food blogs anymore. But every once in a while I break down and spend a glorious hour online salivating over pleasant pictures of the culinary arts.

My cousin Glenda, who is a kickin' awesome cook and who has a tiny bit more leisure time than I do, recently sent me a link to a food blog called "Life's a Feast." I haven't have a lot of time to peruse it yet, but this recipe caught my eye because: 1. I adore cheese, 2. I adore muffins, and 3. Jamie used Wallace and Gromit to introduce it. I adore Wallace and Gromit. So I made Cheddar Mustard Muffins for lunch today. And then I took a picture of them. Because I adore them. And now I'm putting it on my blog. So you can adore them too, if you have time.

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