Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hand-Me-Down Heaven

There's nothing quite as exciting as opening up a big bag or box of hand-me-down kid clothes and discovering what's inside. You can't lose. If it doesn't fit or suit your tastes you can pass it on to someone else with no personal loss. And often there's something absolutely wonderful inside that you really needed and you don't have to worry about whether you have the money for it or not.

Just the other day I was looking at Bean and noticed that his pants were getting too small. I made a mental note to put Bean Pants on the "Needed" list. Then on Sunday Cousin Cynthia brought over a bag of boy clothes from a co-worker of hers. Right on top- Ta da!- were three nice pairs of size 8 boys jeans. That saved me a good wad of cash right there. In addition there were also some really nice shirts and shorts for both Bean and Fish. It's really hard to find good hand-me-downs for boys beyond toddler, so I felt like I'd been handed a bag of gold. My boys' clothes are always so hammered when they're through with them that the person I hand them off to isn't nearly as excited as I was on Sunday. In fact, I probably inspire them to have a nice bonfire.

My girls are hard on their clothes too. But they get even more hand-me-downs than the boys do and that's even more exciting because little girl clothes are so, so cute. I just opened up the Rubbermaid tubs in the basement that contain the 3T and 18 month girls summer clothes from Aunt Pineapple and the next-door neighbor and Sister Nicely at church and I don't know who all. It was so fun to go through.

Aunt Pineapple sent fifteen summer dresses in Roo's size. FIFTEEN!!! And they are all adorable! Most of them are of a similar style of the same brand, so I think she must have come across a clearance rack and bought one in every color. They are so perfect for Roo for this summer because she likes to wear dresses all the time. They are cotton, so the backyard mud washes right out of them. And they are cute, cute cute. Here's a sampling:

Life is good when we all share. And when you have a daughter that likes to make fish lips for the camera.
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Linda said...

cute little girls!

Melissa said...

Oh, I am a huge fan of hand-me-downs! I don't think I've ever had to buy much for Brenna because she gets so many hand-me-downs, lol. Love it!

Melissa :)