Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Sell For Less

Bean has just had a big light flip on in his head.

He has suddenly made huge strides in his reading ability and what's more, he actually acts interested in reading now. This is such a change!

We were at Walmart the other day and he actually tried to read the words on the side of the building. I know many kids do stuff like this all the time, but he has never really done it before. Whether he didn't notice or wasn't interested or it was too hard I do not know, but suddenly he could read "We Sell For Less" and he was very excited. So was I.

We're cruising through his reading book now. He actually recognizes words he's seen before. Wow!

And writing! Look!

I used to not even be able to get him to write!
Being patient with Bean and his progress in school has been one of my toughest challenges. In addition to having to conquer my own impatience I have had to deal with the outside pressure that in order for me to be a decent homeschooling mom my kids should be performing in all ways above grade level and not at all below. I have had to work very hard on getting over caring so much about what other people think of me, as well as not judging myself by their standards.

I know I am doing what's right for Bean. And it feels so good to see his progress.
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scraps said...

well said!

Dr. Croc said...

I like his practice lines. :)

Annalea said...

I love Hobbits. :o) And Beans. :o) And reading Beans, writing Hobbits. :oD

Hooray for you, making it through the toughest test of homeschooling (at least that I've passed so far) -- getting to the "See! I told you it would work!" point with your oldest. Until then, it's really tough to hold out against those close to you who keep implying that you're not doing enough for your children because they're not "up to par", or you're not doing enough to help them develop their natural intelligence.

Hip, hip, hooray, for Bean!
Hip, hip, hooray, for Birrd!
Hip, hip, hooray, for unschooling!

Man, living this far apart is lousy. BIG HUGS!

Ethan Schultz said...

Yoo post this on Pie day. Yoo ferget
Me birthday!!!