Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You, Ebay!

It took some patience, but finally I won a Britax car seat for my Rabbit on eBay for what I decided I was willing to pay for it. Ebay is funny that way. On auction after auction you'll be outbid and the price will go too high and then all of the sudden an auction will come along where no one else is bidding on it and it's yours for a song. That's what happened with both my violin and this car seat. And now I need to leave eBay alone for awhile. It's a dangerous place.

I'm really glad I got a Britax for the Rabbit. And I love the butterfly print! I think it suits her personality.

Plus, it came in the best box ever. Just ask my boys. I can tell you right where to find them, I can't get them out of the thing!

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scraps said...

You find the best deals!

Annalea said...

Okay, Birrd. Where did you read about Britax seats? I need a just a little more evidence before I save some of the appropriate budget categories and start filling the van with them. ;o)

I love eBay, too. Did you know you can save searches, so it will notify you when new things matching your search are listed? Nefarious.

Anna said...

I love my Britax for Cal too! I'll need to hunt for one for Mira in a few months. Thanks for the tip.