Sunday, March 15, 2009

The IDES OF MARCH are here at last!

So, it is now the 15th of March and I have something I need to say.

I am within 2 pounds of my weight loss goal.

Not bad, eh? I'm pretty happy. It feels so good to look in the mirror and say "Hey, I like the way I look!"

Next step-- building muscle tone and cardiovascular strength. This one is going to be tough. My kids do not like me to exercise and well, honestly, I don't really like to exercise either. But I've got to take care of myself. My kids need a healthy, energetic mom. What would it be like to say "Sure, I'll play soccer with you in the backyard!" rather than "I'm sorry, I'm too tired...."?

I successfully went without sugar from January 1st until today. The first sugar I ate today was an imported cookie that my sister sent me in a package a couple of months ago and that I put in the freezer to await today. It was very delicious. I also ate a Girl Scout Cookie Formerly Known As A "Samoa." It was also very delicious. However, I am concerned about my former sugar binge behavior coming back because I'm already sitting here thinking about what I'm going to eat next.

It really does make it easier to avoid overeating when you really like the weight you're at and you know that if you binge your totally cute skinny pants are going to be too tight. I just hope that's motivation enough for me to control my sugar intake.

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Jenilyn said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! Good luck with the next step.