Monday, March 2, 2009

Modeling BabyLegs

After spending a ton of time on various cloth diapering websites, I became intrigued by a product called BabyLegs. They are basically leg warmers for your baby. Wearing them allows your baby to show off their cute diaper and also allows Mom to more easily change their cute diaper. I had to try some.

They come in a zillion colors. I actually bought my first pair at Target on sale. I like them, but they're not the warmest for really cold winter days. I think the girls will probably wear them more and more now that spring is around the corner.

BumGenius brand cloth diapers teamed up with the BabyLegs company and made a line of BabyLegs that coordinate with the colors of the bumGenius diapers. Recently Kelly's Closet had a promotion where if you spent a certain amount on their site you could get a free pair of bumGenius BabyLegs. Lucky for me, this promotion coincided with my needing to order a bulk amount of Charlie's Soap, which is what I use for all my laundry these days. So I was able to get me a free pair of these darling BabyLegs.

Even better, this purchase bumped my point total with Kelly's Closet up to where I could get a free gift certificate. So I got me a new bumGenius organic cotton all-in-one diaper in the fabulous color "Ribbit"-- for free! BumGenius overall are not my absolute favorite of my cloth diapers, but they are definitely the cutest. And when you pair them with the BabyLegs it really shows them off.

The Rabbit is now going to model them for you.

Show us the BabyLegs, Rabbit.

Great! Okay, now show us the diaper.

Fabulous! Now stretch so we can get a better view.

Perfect! Now we need an action shot.

The BabyLegs have gotten a little bit fuzzy from all her crawling around, but they do protect her knees nicely from my rental-grade carpet. And while they don't go up to the absolute top of her leg they don't slide down as she crawls either. Nor do they pinch. She seems to like them. I like them too.

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megandjon said...

yeah, babylegs are pretty useful! they are easy and cheap to make, too. cheaper, actually, than buying them.

that's the one i used!

i'm having fun reading your blog. and thanks for the review of the maple syrup, i too feel a lot better without refined sugar, and wish that i could afford to use more maple syrup. i'm going to look into that!

Josie said...

oooo- looks like you need to take a look at the post I did last week...