Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seeing Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Rabbit discovered this morning what happens when you hold an Ikea kid plate up to your face and look through it. Appropriately enough, her plate was green.

So was her pancake. This is one of the few days of the year when I voluntarily feed my kids food coloring. They really look forward to it.

Fish and Roo really like to help me in the kitchen lately. They're very good at stirring. Our green buttermilk pancakes were delicious.

Tonight's menu: green eggs and ham!
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Dr. Croc said...

Did you give Roo a haircut?
She does look cute, but her hair is boyish-short- I don't remember it being that short.

Birrd said...

No, Roo has still never had a haircut in her entire life. Really! It was just wet and slicked down when we took this picture.

Owen said...

I just wanted you to know I think that you are awesome! what a good mom and positive and happy and healthy and cute and skinny way to go! Most important you are a good example to everyone you live the gospel and your light shines on everyone you come in contact with. I love you and miss you! The world needs more women like you!

Annalea said...

Roo is so lovely, Birrd. I love that last picture!

We sort of missed St. Patty's day this year. I think it has something to do with not yet having a 2009 wall calendar. Sigh. Good thing there's one every year!