Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pour It On!

I think real maple syrup is probably my favorite food in the entire world. It tastes glorious and doesn't give me a sugar reaction. In my book it's pretty much heaven in a bottle, unfortunately with a hefty price tag to match.

Last fall while I was gathering nuts for winter I went to Sam's Club and saw that maple syrup quarts had gone from about $15 to about $19. Ugh! I had to be able to get a better deal. I scoured the internet and found a place in North Dakota that was selling Ohio Amish maple syrup for $40 a gallon . That works out to nearly half of what Sam's Club was charging. (It's gone up since then to $50 but that's still a deal!) I did quite a bit of checking to make sure I was still getting a quality product and once I was satisfied I ordered 2 gallons. I was still worried about it though, since there was no indication on grade on the bottle.

This morning I made pumpkin pancakes with honey pecan butter. I toasted the pecans. Both butter and toasted pecans are definitely on my top ten list. The honey pecan butter wasn't quite sweet enough though, so I got out my little jug of maple syrup and started to pour.

Nothing came out.

My prior stash of syrup was gone.

It was time for the day of reckoning. With great trepidation I unearthed one of my gallons of syrup from underneath the basement stairs.

Was this good syrup????

It was.

What a breakfast!

Happy me!

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Dr. Croc said...

Imagine if sugar were as expensive or more expensive than maple syrup! (Once, of course, it was sugar that was the luxury.) Our society and our cuisine would be very different.