Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Mango Adventure

So, I was at Sam's Club yesterday and they had these gorgeous golden orange mangos. $4.88 for a 5 lb box-- that's cheaper per pound than apples in my part of the world at this time of year. So I bought a box and brought them home.

And we fell in love. Sweet, buttery, delicious. The last few grocery store mangos I had eaten had made me think I didn't really like mangos anymore but with these my faith was restored.

The kids weren't that crazy about them, with the exception of the Rabbit. She thought they were the bomb.

So then, yesterday evening I was gone to a Scout meeting (I'm Cub Committee Chair) and the Badger was watching the kids. He had the Rabbit in the high chair where she was secure and he was working on something in another part of the house. Well, Mr. Initiative (Bean) came along and decided to extract the Rabbit without notifying Dad. The Rabbit then did what she does lately-- she immediately climbed on the table. Where someone had left the box of mangos. And she went to town.

When I walked in the door a few minutes later, Bean came running up to me and said "Mom-- bad news!"

Uh-oh. Don't you hate that when you come home and hear "Bad news!" You've just got to brace yourself.

"The Rabbit took bites out of the mangos!"

I couldn't help it. I busted up laughing.

Then I looked at the mangos. I'd imagined a couple of small bites in two or three mangos. No, the Rabbit took HUGE chomps out of five of them.

I apologize I didn't get a picture of the carnage. I didn't get to the camera until the Badger had already peeled them and put them in a bowl. You can't really even see the bites she took, but they're still very pretty mangos (I ate the one on the far right after I took this picture because it was the ripest and it was sooooo good!)

Anyway, I thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious.

So go to Sam's Club and get you some mangos! Just keep them away from your table-climbing baby.
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Terresa said...

mmm, we love mangoes. They were on sale here for 33 cents/each awhile back. I bought 6 a week for awhile, but realized after a few days, I should've bought several more.

I remember eating my first mango ever...I was in college on a trip to Mexico. It was summer and I was sitting on a beach, eating the most delicious fresh mango of my life. Mangoes mean summer to me.

The Hills said...

dried mangoes, mango strawberry juice, mango pomegranite frozen juice bars, yeah, they are good