Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cloud Coverage

I have in my possession right now a camera that belongs to my sister and is much better than my own camera. This is because I am borrowing it to shoot a wedding. This means I have to fiddle with it a lot and really learn to use it during the next couple of weeks before said wedding so that the bride will still like me after she sees her wedding photos.

So I took some pictures of the sky the other night. I was impressed. With my old film cameras and with my digital, pictures of the sky usually turn out pretty flat and dull. The sunset has to be really intense before it makes for a good picture.

I looked at the sky the other night and thought, "wow, lovely!" but also "can't get that on camera." However, I decided to try, and I was very excited about the results.

Crocodile, you don't really need this camera back, do you? :)
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scraps said...

Nice pictures! I am sure you'll do a great job at the wedding.

Dr. Croc said...

Not for awhile. Enjoy :)