Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Which Birrd Reveals a Marvelous Cleaning Hint

Recently we decided that Tuesday was cleaning day at our house. Growing up, it was always Saturday, but the Badger does not work M-F. Tuesday is a better fit for us.

I'd been doing pretty well at the basic tidying/sweeping/vacuuming/dishes, but lately the bathrooms had been getting a little scary. Also, I wasn't doing any of the periodic deep cleaning that I used to do back when I only had a couple of kids. So the Tuesday cleaning strategy is that we do all the basic cleaning plus one extra deep clean each week. It's been working pretty well. The first week I attacked my stove and I couldn't believe how long it took me to scrub it clean. Note to self: don't ever let the stove go more than a year without being deep-cleaned again!

Yesterday we decided to thoroughly dust the living room. Which brings me to my marvelous cleaning hint. I have lots of silk plants. I've always hated how dusty they get and how hard they are to get clean. I bought that special silk plant spray once but I didn't love it. Yesterday I decided to try a method that someone mentioned to me once when I was out visiting teaching. It worked fabulously. It was fun and easy and didn't involve an expensive spray.

Put the silk plant in a large plastic bag with a whole bunch of salt and shake shake shake. Voila! Dust-free!

A word of caution: if your silk plants have poky ends, they may poke holes in the bag while you shake. Better shake outside unless you feel like sweeping up salt.

A kitchen-sized trash bag worked well for me. Then afterwards I just took out the kitchen trash and put the salty bag in as the new bag.

Happy dusting!

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Dr. Croc said...

Of course all my plants are real... that is, those that have survived, namely my cactus collection. I do not think they would enjoy being shaken in a bag of salt.