Friday, June 19, 2009

Light Prints

We really look forward to our monthly trips to the nearby art museum for their children's art program. They really do a wonderful job exposing even very young children to various forms of art. This month, we put cut-out shapes of black card stock on top of a special light-sensitive paper and then processed it outside in the sun to make these neat silhouette images.

I must admit, I helped Roo make hers this time. It was a little beyond her skill level, so I just had her show me what she wanted on it and approximately where she wanted it.

The tall shapes with the windows are grain elevators, because this is the prairie.

I didn't help Bean and Fish at all. They won't even let me sit by them when we go to the museum. But they totally get into it and love it and the woman who runs the program adores them (I love it when other people think my kids are great!)

So here's Bean's, complete with grain elevators, raccoon (on the bottom) and garbage can (on the right):

And here's Fish's-- I like his use of symmetry:

As I've done more and more art with my children I've rekindled the enjoyment I once had in it myself. I'm looking forward to years of doing art projects with them.

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Abby said...

I really like this idea. my kids would have so much fun making these.

my Emma was walking by as I was admiring the art work and she likes Bean's the best she says "it's cool"
and it is.