Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Gardens

Today for Making Day, we made gardens. I gave the kids each a piece of "dirt" (a piece of brown construction paper) along with scissors and glue, and I let them attack my enormous stack of seed catalogs.

They loved it.

I talked to them about collages and showed them some of the collages I made in college. (College! Collage! College! Collage!) Bean still wanted to "plant" his garden in neat rows, but Fish really liked the collage idea.

Roo was just happy to have scissors and glue and a book full of pretty flowers.

It's still no doubt that Making Day is our favorite day of the homeschool week!

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Destiny said...

That's a very creative idea and a great learning venue.

Birrd said...

From my mother-in-law, via email:

Dear, wonderful, creative, did I say wonderful ? Birrd:

It is such a treat to get to see the children and to SEE the fun things you're doing with their school. I check the blog every day and I'm so thrilled when there's a new entry.

You're the very best ! And the very best wife for the Badger !

Thanks, you've made my day. And it was a pretty good day already. Love, Mom

scraps said...

I loved your "Winter Gardens"!
My neighbor said she bought a tiller and is ready to get the soil prepared.