Friday, February 20, 2009

A Double Win-Win Situation

Sometimes you find an arrangement that is just perfect for everyone involved. Nearly a year ago, my friend Shannon was having a hard time feeding her new baby. Baby wouldn't nurse and could not tolerate formula. Well, nursing is how I lose weight. I jumped at the chance to donate my extra milk to Shannon. That was the first win-win. Her baby got what she needed and I burned more calories.

The second win-win happened when Shannon's chickens started going bananas and laying way more eggs than Shannon's family could even begin to eat. My family adores fresh farm eggs but we typically have to ration them strictly because they are pretty spendy for our tight budget.

So once a week or so I call up Shannon. "Got any extra eggs?" I say.

She often replies, "Oh my goodness, every casserole pan and mixing bowl I own is full of them."

So we arrange to meet and swap. I give her milk, she gives me eggs. She gets her fridge back, we get free eggs, her baby gets nourished, and I shed pounds.

What a deal!

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Sox said...

Milk for eggs? Hmm. I know there is some interesting thought in there somewhere.

Anna said...

I love fresh eggs...and losing weight. What a deal!

Melissa said...

Lol, that's cute!! :)

Melissa :)

Josie said...

I think that is awesome! I wish more people were all in with the milk swapping idea- I would totally do it if ever asked!

Abby said...

I wish I could get as excited about eggs, they don't like me as much as I love them :(

I can, however, get thrilled over such a terrific bartering system.
what providence.