Friday, February 13, 2009


Once a month we've been going to this children's art program at the local art museum. It's been really fabulous. The last time we went they had the kids do self-portraits. They let them pick out a head in a color that matched their skin tone and then they got to hold a little hand mirror and make their self-portrait.

I don't think Bean really has green stuff coming out of his ears. I think he's standing in front of a hill. I like how much detail he put in his eyes.

Fish is evidently standing in front of a nuclear holocaust or something. But he sure looks like himself.

I sat with Roo during this exercise and I resisted the urge to do hers for her. She is warming up to the museum's children's studio. It took a little time, but she did this all by herself.

I think this was such a cool idea. I want to do these every year with the kids and see how they evolve.
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Melissa said...

That's a great idea to do those every year!!

Melissa :)