Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I must admit, I'm not one for making a huge production over a first birthday party. Give 'em a cake and take some cute pictures for posterity, but don't fuss over it because they're not going to remember any of it. And when you've got a bunch of little kids, it's hard to plan and put together a big birthday bash. That being said, I do wish I could have had time to do a little bit more for the Rabbit. I mean, I could have at least wrapped her present in something other than a pillowcase.

In my defense, the pillowcase was one of her presents. I didn't get her a lot of presents because she doesn't need anything. She has tons of clothes, thanks to Cousin Sophie. She has tons of toys, thanks to the fact that she's my fourth kid. She has everything she needs and everything I want her to have except a Britax car seat, but that's a subject for a later post. I had a hard time coming up with something to buy her so she could at least have some present besides the pillowcase that Grandma made. But as I was standing in the Babies R Us toy aisle in a shopper's stupor while my four squeaky critters wriggled circles around me, I saw this boat. And it spoke to me for some reason. I'm not sure why, but it said "You need me! I will help you!" And it was only ten bucks. And I thought maybe it would help the Rabbit stop howling like a banshee every time I plunk her in the bath tub.

All the kids were keenly interested in the boat.

And within 48 hours they had all played with it in the tub.

And it did keep the Rabbit from screaming. We had the most successful Rabbit bath we have had in a long time.

Maybe I need to listen to toys more. Maybe I should go back to Babies R Us and sit on the floor of the toy section and listen. Maybe they will tell me how to get Bean to eat his vegetables. Or Fish to start asking permission. Or Roo to stop whining. Maybe I've discovered the secret to the universe. Listen to the Toys....

Either that or Fisher Price has some really sophisticated subliminal marketing techniques.

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Josie said...

How cute is she! Wish we could have a playdate! haha- I think our girls would get along great!