Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freezer Surprise

Lately for dinner we've been eating a lot of what I call "Freezer Surprise."

What that means is that I unearth some strange frozen hunk of who-knows-what from my deep freeze and find some way to turn it into dinner.

Most of the time, it turns out really quite tasty. I had all kinds of treasures buried in my deep freeze.

Since the Badger lost his job on Sept. 11th, I have only purchased a couple of gallons of milk and a couple pounds of butter at the store. Everything else we've eaten has come out of our freezer or our canned goods stockpile. And I've baked a lot and ground a lot of wheat. I love my wheat storage!

And we've eaten really really well. I've never felt deprived or like I was "living on food storage."

Now, I must say that the night before this happened I had this unusual and strong prompting to go to Sam's Club and stock up on a few things. I'm very grateful I followed that prompting because those items have made this whole scenario a lot easier.

We've been so blessed. We still have tons of food. I could probably go at least another couple of weeks with only spending $10 or so at the grocery store. I just have to make sure I plan our meals ahead of time so there's time to do the extra prep.

Someone dropped off a bag of groceries, mostly snacks for our drive, on our porch the other night. It was so kind. I'm so glad to have some treats for the kids for the trip-- it's hard to eat out of your food storage, however bountiful it may be, when you're traveling.

I have a testimony that when you are trying your best to live a life of service to the Lord, that He will take care of you. I know that we are in His hands right now and I feel totally at peace.
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The Hills said...

I could tell you are being creative. I love that you call it freezer surprise. I can honestly say that when I first saw that picture, whatever that was did not look edible, so I hope it tasted good. (Sorry if that's an insult) Have fun with your move and drive safe! Be glad you aren't moving in the middle of winter again!

Birrd said...

It was delicious, except for the hotdogs. My kids loved the hotdogs though, so I just picked mine out and fed 'em to them!

Simplymom said...

Maybe we'll be able to get together sometime. I need to clear out my freezer too. Maybe we'll eat freezer surprise for awhile. Sounds like a great name.

CStanford said...

Whenever I hear about a dish with the word "surprise" in the name I am struck with dread and mirth in equal measure.

Yay for food storage! You're right: if you have the right stuff stored, living off of it is actually nice.