Sunday, November 9, 2008

Were the 70's Really That Orange?

One of the things I like to do on Sunday evenings is look at family photo albums with my kids. They love it. They especially love the two albums I have with pictures from my childhood. My mother gave me these albums in the late 1980s and they are the "magnetic" type that we now know to be extremely damaging to photos, so I'm always thinking one of these days I'll redo these albums...

Well, I might as well eat that elephant one bite at a time. Here is one of the gems of my collection: a studio portrait of me somewhere around my first birthday.

I scanned it in and used an enhancing tool to take the edge off the orangeness but it didn't entirely go away. However, many people have told me that the 70's really were that orange. Maybe they're right. Any of you remember?

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scraps said...

When I sold CM, it was said because of the inks used on photographs that made the pictures turn color and also the magnetic page scrapbooks. The different chemicals used for photography just made all the pictures that way. Sad companies didn't at the time know how to restore pictures for future use.

Abby said...

I don't remember a whole lot of the 70s but I'm pretty sure that the color blue did exist way back then.
But then again maybe not.
my living room was orange. the church carpeting was orange. everyone's clothes, too.


Dr. Croc said...

NOT that orange. I remember the original and the color is definitely skewed. Alas.

Annalea said...

My baby photos are the same colors, many of them. (Incidentally they're all of the photos from the Kinderphoto booth at the mall.) Do you remember Kinderphoto? Every one of my brothers and I had our pictures taken there every three months for at least the first year. ;o)

And it's definitely the inks and acids in the paper. Even Kodak didn't have a clue back then, darn it. Oh well . . . first, there was black and white photography. Next came orange and white. Then, true color. lol