Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, Rabbit!

You used to be so happy in your exersaucer...

Then you learned to crawl and now you're not content with such a confined space.

I have the feeling that you're one of those souls that just can't wait to soar, and somehow I have to figure out how to keep up with you...
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janeannechovy said...

Yeah, with my kids 9 months was pretty much as long as we could keep them occupied in the saucer. But from 4-9 months, it was just an absolute lifesaver.

Berit's latest favorite food is the Earth's Best instant oatmeal, maple and brown sugar flavor. I would just make it from regular oatmeal, except that (unlike regular Quaker oats) it's fortified and we're always looking for ways to get more iron. Anyway, I make it really thick (microwave with 1/2 C water), then thin/cool it with whole milk yogurt. She snarfs it up.