Monday, November 3, 2008

Origins of the Prize-Winning Pumpkin

This year for our family's annual pumpkin patch trip we went along with Marta Schmoo's Kindergarten class field trip.

It was very different going with a school class as opposed to going with just your family after school hours. They had the whole thing geared for large masses of noisy school children. My kids had fun, but it sure was crazy.

When we went to choose our pumpkins instead of going out into a real pumpkin field they just had about 300 pumpkins distributed around an area full of scarecrows and hay bales. I felt seriously gypped. The whole reason I go to a pumpkin patch is so that I can actually pick my pumpkin. I suppose it is impractical with all those school groups.

It was very hard to get good pictures with all those little Kindergarteners running everywhere, but here is Bean with his pumpkin choice, glued to Lisl Schmoo's side as usual. They are discussing how they both want desperately to win the pumpkin carving contest at the church party. Hang on tight to that pumpkin, Bean, I think it's the perfect start toward a blue ribbon...

Here's Fish, in the green coat, feeding the goats with great trepidation.

And here is the only other good picture I got that day because I took it before the bus loads of Kindergarteners arrived and things went berserk.

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