Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Having a Tall Sister

As I write this, Roo is having a great time playing with Cousin Fiend. My sister and I dreamed of this day when we were both expecting our little girls. And it's turned out great. They are perfect playmates, being only four months apart.

Yes, I meant four months and not four years. You can now understand why we get all of Cousin Fiend's hand-me-downs even though they are both currently three years old. Look at that darling shirt Cousin Fiend is wearing-- it will look so cute on Roo in two or three years!
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Mostly Diane said...

That's like my kids and their cousins.

Annalea said...

Ha! That's like My Lil'MissL and Miriam's Kate. Kate is as tall as the Anderman, who is two years older than she is. lol

Too fun!

Linda said...

what a joyful getting together of sweet cousins! And God creates us unique, doesn't He?