Saturday, September 19, 2009

Badger Burger

My Badger is serious about his hamburgers.

Two patties with lots of lettuce, tomato, onion, and grilled mushrooms. The Badger likes mushrooms on everything.

The leaning tower of Burger...

Here he goes! Can he get his mouth around it? He can barely get his hands around it!

Almost in!

Mmm.... yeah.... Good!

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Annalea said...

The Badger is serious about most of his food. :o) I'll never forget making double-decker tacos at Mother Badger's house, and seeing him dive into his, generous amounts of sauce and succulent juices dripping down off of each elbow.

I also remember him relating the way the merry men would eat in one of the Robin Hood stories . . . with both hands into a huge pasty . . . and the look of wistfulness on his face. lol

I love it when a man really appreciates his food!

Birrd said...

Funny you should mention pasties. He's been talking about them lately, saying he wants to experiment with making Medieval-type pasties. I bet they will be huge. And they will have mushrooms in them, along with just about everything else in the cupboard.