Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My New Bookcase

We never seem to have enough bookcases around here and every time we move we lose some. As I started into this mania of earnest organization I quickly realized that I was only going to get so far unless I could procure another bookcase.

So I went bookcase shopping. Is there any better pasttime?

In the past I have bought the bottom-of-the-line, dirt-cheap, practically-made-of-carboard bookcases. And that's why they keep getting left behind when we move-- they won't survive the Penske Truck Experience.

So this time I decided to Invest in something a little more solid. And then I found a screaming deal on the bookcase of my dreams. Isn't it lovely?

Welcome to the family, Bookcase. We hope you like it here. And we also hope that you will reproduce.

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Sox said...

where is this screaming deal to be had?

We have the same lack of bookcases problem, but it is merely a numbers problem, we need more, and we keep taking them when we move.

Annalea said...

It IS lovely, Birrd. Hooray for quality bookcases. (I love them, too.) And your arrangement of books, etc., is just as lovely as the case itself.

Dr. Croc said...

It usually takes two to reproduce. (I won't feel offended if you leave this remark off the official blog.)

Birrd said...

I just hope it will mate with another one of the nice bookshelves and not the cardboardy ones. Or it could hook up with our armoire, that would be cool.

Okay, this is disturbing. Croc, didn't you know that bookcases reproduce asexually? It's true. They do. I just decided that.

And Sox, I unfortunately cannot reveal the source of the screaming deal, but you wouldn't find one near you.

Birrd said...

And thanks for the compliment, Annalea. I'm going to shrink you down and put you in my pocket and carry you everywhere with me because you make me feel so good about myself.

Linda said...

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray for bookcases!